Nichita Stanescu (engleza)

Sad love song

Only my life will die for me, in truth,
Only the grass knows the taste of the earth.
In truth, only my blood misses
my heart when it leaves.
The air is tall, you are tall,
my sadness is tall.
There comes a time when horses die.
There comes a time when machines grow old.
There comes a time when cold rains fall,
and every woman wears your head-
and clothes.
There also comes a huge white bird
and lays the moon in the sky.

Winter song

You are so beautiful in winter!
The field stretched on its back, near the horizon,
and the trees stopped running from the winter wind …
My nostrils tremble
and no scent
and no breeze
only the distant, icy smell
of the suns.
How transparent your hands are in winter!
And no one passes –
only the white suns revolve in quiet worship.
and the thought spreads in circles
ringing the trees
in twos
in fours.

A Poem

Tell me, if I caught you one day
and kissed the sole of your foot,
wouldn’t you limp a little then,
afraid to crush my kiss?…

3 thoughts on “Nichita Stanescu (engleza)

  1. Felicitari … numai cine nu a incercat sa traduca o poezie poate sa treaca peste aceasta pagina si sa nu lase un comentariu incurajator (:-).

    Poeziile romanesti sunt la fel de pline de emotie si de … poezie (:-) ca si cele mai bune poezii englezesti, franceze, americane, spaniole …

    Ale lui Stanescu sunt chiar mai bune (:-)


  2. Excelent. Mai vreau. Poeziile lui Nichita nu sunt chiar mai bune…sunt exceptional de bune si fara sa le comparam cu altele…


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