God Bless Ireland!

Pentru ca maine n-o sa am prea mult timp la dispozitie, si pentru ca maine e ziua Irlandei mele dragi…

si pentru ca maine ar fi fost ziua de nastere a cuiva foarte drag care ar fi implinit 38 de ani…


March, 17th

OK! March 17th, Saint Patrick’s Day, Ireland’s Day, “Few People I Know” Day… I celebrate this day since I was 15 and I had the first contact with Ireland’s real literature. This year has to be the same as last years, so I’m going to do it again, and again, and again… Who knows! Maybe I will see the real Ireland someday and I will be very happy about this. 😛 Today I will post some of my favourite Irish songs. It’s not much, but this is my way of showing my love to this country (I’m nuts and I love being nuts. 😛 ).

And my favourite song ever is this:

This is for you, Ozzy, since you said it can be appropriate for today’s blog.