Mihai Eminescu

Time flows by…

Time flows by, and has passed like rivers
Since that hallowed moment we first saw each other,
Yet I’ll never forget the love we had together,
You miracle, with large eyes and cold fingers.

Oh, come back! To bring words only you can inspire,
Watch over me so your gaze gently lingers,
Let me marvel at this moment that hungers
For those new words you wring from my lyre.

You’re not even aware that when you’re near
A great peace descends to quell my agony,
Just like the silence at the rising of a star;

If I could only see you like a child, smiling up at me,
All the suffering of my life would disappear,
My eyes rekindle, my soul grow within me.

Now it’s autumn…

Now it’s autumn, leaves roam and scatter,
Again the wind flings heavy drops against the glazing;
And you’re reading old letters, tattered and fading
And retrace a whole life-time in just one hour.

With sweet trifles you enjoy such time-wasting,
You’d hate to be disturbed by a tap on the shutter;
For when it’s sleeting outside, it’s so much better
To dream by the fireside, sleepily nodding.

So I stay in my chair, staring into the fire,
Dreaming of old tales and a fairy queen’s sighs;
Around me the mist rises higher and higher;

Suddenly the rustling of silk makes me rise,
Steps so soft, barely touched by the old floor . . .
Then with slender, icy hands you hide my eyes.

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